Sunday, June 25, 2017

WEST GROVE: A plan to reduce composting odors?

My West Grove correspondent reports receiving an intriguing postcard in the mail with the headline "Come hear about our plan to reduce odor . . . Needham's Mushroom Farms invites you to a community Open house to learn about a construction project that will reduce odor at Hy-Tech Mushroom Composting." He said he will be attending the meeting, which is set for 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, June 29, at the London Grove Township Building, 372 Rosehill Road.

GIANT: Caring for our companions

This week's gold star for outstanding customer service goes to Vince at the New Garden Giant supermarket. It was 9:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, and we stopped in on our way home to buy one of those boxes of salad for Gilbert the Guinea Pig; he'd eaten the last of it that morning.
As we were checking out, my companion suddenly recalled that we'd forgotten to buy cat food (the Purina Fancy Feast variety "with broth") for Clarence the Cat.
"Oh, no!" I said, at a loss for what to do.
Vince, who was manning the U-scan control station, heard what was going on and suggested that I simply leave my items there and go back and buy the cat food. It would not be a problem, he said; in fact, people did it all the time. And, he pointed out, business was slow and it wasn't like there were impatient customers waiting who would be fuming at the delay.
I did so. Thank you, Vince, from both Clarence and me.

CONCERTS: Free summer series starts

June 21 was the first concert in the Wednesday-night summer series at Anson B. Nixon Park. We all had doubts about whether it would be rained out, but the storm ended, and I even spotted a rainbow over Willowdale. The sun came out right on cue for guitarist Eric Ambel to start his show, and it turned out to be a lovely evening. We caught up with lots of friends, had fun watching the dogs and little kids, ate delicious food from the Nomadic Pies food truck, and strolled around the lake at intermission eating popsicles from La Michoacana.

RIP: Curtain call for the Dame

I was sad to hear that Kirk Fetters died on June 21. A longtime English teacher at Kennett High School, Kirk delighted audiences for years with his fabulous performances of "the Dame" in the annual pantomime staged by the Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society. Nothing was too outlandish or gaudy for the Dame: Kirk would come on stage sporting a series of ever-larger wigs, earrings, and hoop skirts. Offstage he was friendly, smart and a terrific conversationalist, as well as a tireless promoter for KATS.
Condolences to his friends and family. He was one of a kind and will be remembered with great fondness.

KENNETT: Before the battle

On Thursday evening we had a fun time serving as guides for the history tour through Kennett Square. This tour was based on Kevin Sheridan's book "The Timepiece Chronicles: The Battle of Brandywine Creek," and as visitors walked around the block they met costumed actors portraying characters from the American Revolution. Some of them were General Cornwallis; a bar manager furious that the British soldiers were vandalizing his establishment; the Hessian General Knyphausen; a Loyalist;  a Quaker woman worried about the coming violence; an entrepreneurial "camp follower"; and sentry Captain Patrick Ferguson. 
The tours officially started at 5:30 p.m., but by shortly after 5 p.m. visitors were already lining up in the Genesis walkway. I think the tour attracted upwards of 150 people.
We guides got to read from our script, but the actors had to memorize their lines -- and the youthful actors did a particularly great job. Lynn Sinclair, owner of the Sunrise CafĂ© on State Street, not only organized the tour but also made all the wonderful costumes.

FRAMED: A good frame shop

First Bert Proscino closed her framing shop on State Street. Then Lorraine at the Frame Cellar in Willowdale retired.
Where do we get our artwork framed?
I just had a great experience with my friend Mindy Dole, who runs her shop, Framing by Mindy, out of her home on 526 Newark Road in Landenberg. She did a nice job helping me chose a frame and mat for a family photograph, and I was especially delighted with the creative way she framed an old hand-drawn birthday card from The Young Relative (I wondered whether the red frame and blue mat we chose would be over the top, but it was a perfect fit).
The projects were finished days earlier than the time she projected, and I thought her prices were commensurate with the neat, professional quality of her work.

UNIONVILLE: A joyful noise

Church bells across the country, including those at Unionville Presbyterian Church on Wollaston Road, will be ringing at 2 p.m., Tuesday, July 4, to celebrate the birth of American independence.
The patriotic ceremony at Unionville Presbyterian will start at 1:30 p.m., and an ice cream social on the church lawn will follow the pealing of the bells. The Rev. Annalie Korengel said that people of all ages and faiths are welcome to attend.