Monday, March 27, 2017

DESSERT: News from Landhope

One of these days we WILL make it to Dylan's Desserts, the brand-new shop in the Liberty Place market in downtown Kennett. The first time we passed by, it was open but we were too full for dessert, having just chowed down on Buddy Burgers. The second time (Sunday night) Dylan's wasn't open, so we drove to Landhope at Willowdale to get our ice cream (scooped by Sue). Landhope is in the process of replacing its gas pumps and canopies so the southern parking lot is torn up and fenced off, but the store is still open.
"We appreciate your loyalty and hope you love our upgrade!" reads the sign on the door.

NBC: Two meanings

"Your Exclusive Invitation to NBC Insiders," read the email teaser. "Become an NBC Insider!"
Well, OK, I thought: New Bolton Center is starting some kind of "neighbors" group and they want me to join. Nice! I'll check it out.
But alas, I realized I was mistaken as soon as I read the first line: "Are you a loyal NBC viewer? Want the scoop on our shows before anyone else?"
I guess that outside of Unionville, NBC stands for something other than New Bolton Center.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

OPTOS: An improved eye exam

I've been wearing glasses since the fourth grade, so I've long been accustomed to going for my annual eye exam and getting my pupils dilated so they can examine your retina. It's a strange sensation, and you have to squint and wear sunglasses for several hours afterward because suddenly the sun seems to have gotten exponentially brighter.
No more! I went for my checkup on Monday with Dr. Renny Sardella in Willowdale, and he has a new type of high-tech camera, called the Optos Optomap, that takes a photo of your retina in a matter of seconds, with no need for dilating drops. The enlarged image, which immediately pops up on the computer screen, shows the optic nerve, the macula, and the blood vessels in great detail. It was fascinating to see.
It's such a benefit to have healthcare people who know their clients well and live locally. When I described a momentary phenomenon in my eye as resembling the surface of the water in Longwood Gardens' "Eye of Water," Renny knew exactly what I meant.

JIM HURST: A finger picking master

On Friday night we headed to Newark to hear Nashville bluegrass guitarist Jim Hurst in concert. Though he is an amazingly talented musician -- he said that just for fun he plays one song in a different key each night -- Jim is a humble and self-deprecating performer.
I enjoyed his between-songs musings. He talked about the power of music as a deterrent to and a distraction from political divisiveness. A former long-haul trucker, he said he used to bring his guitar with him and use the vibrations of his truck and the rhythmic sounds of the highway as musical inspiration. He also talked about the scary experience of "white line fever," when you realize you've driven across an entire state without being fully alert.
Jim performed a few songs about his deep Christian faith and, and I was surprised he felt it necessary to say he hoped they didn't offend anyone. He spoke about the ways in which being an entertainer and being a Christian sometimes conflict.
Most of the musicians we go to see sell their CDs at intermission, and Jim was no exception. Before the break he encouraged us to take a look at his wares, and he said that even financial advisors tell you that CDs should be part of your investment strategy.

WEST MARLBOROUGH: April meeting coming up

The West Marlborough supervisors will be having their monthly meeting on Tuesday night, April 4, at the township garage in Doe Run Village. Meetings have been quite routine of late, which is good for me as a resident but not so good for me as a reporter. Come out and see local government in action, visit with your neighbors and see the township road equipment up close and personal. The planning commission meets first, at 7 p.m., followed by the supervisors at 7:30 or so.

DINNER: Supporting the Scouts

On Saturday night we enjoyed a delicious spaghetti dinner at Kennett Friends Meeting, a fundraiser for Boy Scout Troop 24. They load your plate up with linguini, tomato sauce, and two giant meatballs and then ask you what should be a rhetorical question in the Kennett area: "Do you want mushrooms?" Of course we want mushrooms! They also give you rolls, a salad and home-made dessert, and the boys, in their Scout uniforms, bring you drinks.

MEETING: Learning about gun laws

My West Marlborough neighbor Starr Bright asked me to share some information about "Gun Sense Chester County," a group she is involved in.
"I am a gunshot survivor and am interested in responsible gun ownership as well as sensible gun legislation," she wrote. "My husband hunts and I have no interest in banning guns, but I am interested in sensible solutions to what has become a polarizing issue."
She said the group will be holding a public meeting at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, April 11, at the Church of Loving Shepherd, 1066 South New Street, West Chester. The topic is “Guns Around Town: Current & Proposed Regulations.” Starr said that "the goal is to educate citizens who hear about gun violence every day yet often don’t know about gun laws." Speakers will be Jeff Dempsey of CeaseFire PA and Ann Cummings, chairperson of Gun Sense Chester County.