Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sin City Band

The amazing run of good weather that the Anson B. Nixon outdoor concert series enjoyed finally ended on July 23, when the Sin City Band had to end their set after about a half-hour, with the wind whipping up and lightning flashing off to the west. It was a good call on the part of the tech guys: no sooner did my friends and I pack up our chairs and get to our vehicles than the rain came pouring down. The band did its popular "Chester County song" first and, in an unsuccessful attempt to ward off the impending storm, "Yellow Sun" and "You Are My Sunshine."
The brown-bag suppers provided by the Country Butcher were excellent: chicken salad on a roll, potato salad, pasta salad with roasted vegetables and a cookie. For only eight dollars! Fortunately we ate ours before the storm.

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