Saturday, September 5, 2015

LONDON GROVE: Part of the SECCRA landfill is being capped

Several local people have asked me what is going on at the SECCRA landfill in London Grove Township: huge black tarps are being laid down along the steep slopes and held in place with white sandbags.
What I learned is that a portion of the landfill is being "capped" or sealed off. The tarps, which block rainwater from getting into the full garbage "cells," will be covered with a layer of soil, and then grass and other plants with shallow roots will be planted. Underground pipes collect the methane gas that the decomposing garbage produces.
There is a lot more information online about the capping process for those who are curious, including a 700-page document, dense with legalese, that was prepared for the SECCRA project bidders.
I drive by the landfill frequently and am always amazed at how talented those heavy equipment operators are, piloting their giant machines along the landfill's terraces and steep slopes.
This is the part of the SECCRA landfill that is being capped.

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