Saturday, May 21, 2016

DONATIONS: For the birds

My friend Charles Shattuck, owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Hockessin, wrote to me about the generosity of his customers:
"Just when you think the world is gone to that hot place below ground, people demonstrate that kindness still exists. Our donation drive for local wildlife rehabilitator Hillary Taylor and Tri-State Bird Rescue yield phenomena results. I filled my van with materials they need to help baby birds and baby critters.  
"A customer came in on Saturday with a large donation basket from the children at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center in Kennett Square. The teacher, Mrs. Ramagnano, asked the kids to collect basic items like paper towels and rubber gloves. She believes one boy might have borrowed the toilet paper from his home bathroom as it was unwrapped. If true, I can only imagine the parents questioning the future president of our country about where the toilet paper went. Hopefully his response would be 'Mother, I cannot tell a lie. I gave it to help the baby birds.' " 


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