Thursday, June 9, 2016

JENNERSVILLE: The new Penn Medicine facility

If you haven't been to the spanking-new Penn Medicine facility in Jennersville, here's a navigation guide. It's not like your standard medical office building, with long corridors that lead to separate, clearly demarcated departments.
No: you walk in through the automatic doors and right there in front of you is a desk with a big sign behind it saying "Penn Medicine." It looks like a receptionist welcoming desk, but it's not: it's actually the place where you sign in for whatever study you're having done.
I didn't know this, so I looked at the directory sign on the wall, saw "Radiology" and walked in the direction indicated. But there didn't seem to be a separate "radiology" department; everything is in an open-plan kind of layout. I walked in the opposite direction and, without going through any doors, found myself in a bustling family medicine office.
Thank goodness one of the pleasant front-desk ladies spotted me wandering around looking increasingly anxious and clued me in.
At that point I did see a small sign on top of the desk indicating that was indeed the spot where you sign in if you're there for an imaging study or bloodwork. Perhaps the sign needs to be bigger to catch the attention of worried patients? Perhaps I need to be more observant?

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