Friday, July 22, 2016

KENNETT: In the middle of the street

I witnessed a near-miss while driving on East Cypress Street near Willow Street Tuesday evening (yes, on my way to the Kennett Y). The driver in the left lane was not going fast enough for the impatient motorist behind him or her (who was driving a car with a Maryland tag), so Mr. or Ms. Maryland pulled abruptly into the right lane to pass on the right. Unfortunately, he or she didn't see that two young men were crossing Cypress Street. The pedestrians scurried, the driver honked his horn, the pedestrians gestured.
It could have been really ugly. Perhaps the Maryland driver didn't realize that a significant percentage of the drivers in the left lane are NOT going to speed through town because they're going to turn onto Race Street and go to the Y. You're asking for trouble if you pass on a busy street in the middle of town.

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