Friday, July 8, 2016

PICNICS: Just add paprika!

Anyone who has ever made devilled eggs knows that you have to boil up far more eggs than you will need, because you will almost surely lose several to overly adherent shells that cause divots in the white parts. More cracks result when you spoon in the yolk part.
First-world problems, I know.
So at a Chadds Ford pool party last weekend I was sitting in the kitchen chatting with the hostess and her daughter as they were preparing more food. The daughter started filling a batch of devilled eggs using a pastry bag (well, actually a baggie with a tiny corner snipped off). Great idea!
And then her mother dropped a bombshell: she told me you can actually buy pre-cooked, pre-peeled, pre-bisected eggs at Costco.
OK, yes: it's a crazy waste of resources, they're probably not the wholesome local eggs we're used to, and I don't even want to think of the price.
But, honestly, what an ingenious idea!
(Alternatively, of course, you could just order pre-made devilled eggs from Hood's like one dear friend of mine does.)

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  1. At Giant you can buy Sauder's hard-cooked, peeled eggs. 10 to a bag for under $3.00. They're based in Lancaster County.