Wednesday, August 3, 2016

STARGAZER: Another roundabout is going in

There's been all kinds of excitement on Stargazer Road in Newlin Township.
The brief but intense storm that rolled through on July 28 seemed to focus on the road. The amount of damage was astonishing, with many large trees and limbs down, and the road was closed for several days while the crews cleaned up. Debris still littered yards, and we heard a resident's chainsaw in action when we drove through more than a week later on Aug. 6.
The road was scheduled to be closed for two months starting Aug. 15 for construction of a roundabout at the intersection with Strasburg Road. However, PennDOT realized at the eleventh hour that the detours it had lined up weren't going to work because of the roads' weight limitations. The signs warning of the pending closures have been covered up for now, and the project has been delayed, until a better detour can be worked out.
The roundabout, part of the forthcoming Stargazer Village housing development in West Bradford Township, will have five spokes: Stargazer (which will be slightly rerouted), Strasburg (two ways), Romansville, and Shadyside Roads.
Strasburg Road will also be closed during construction; it's going to be quite a challenge getting around.
Stargazer Village will comprise 95 single-family houses and 39 townhouses.

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