Thursday, September 15, 2016

SKY TOUR: They saw the Milky Way

Pete Kennedy sent me this account of the Chester County Astronomical Society's Sept. 10 Sky Tour at the Tino Leto Athletic Fields at Anson B. Nixon Park:
"Well, the clouds held out until 9:30. We had about 30-40 people there, 7 scopes. The clouds were as big a treat as the night sky. Saturn with rings, orange/red Mars, 2 true twin stars (one set was yellow and green), a quarter waxing moon (which bleached out a lot of the stars), constellations, nebulas, a red giant large enough to hold most of our solar system, a satellite which got brighter as we watched it for 30 seconds... And the best of all was a small glimpse of the Milky Way."

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