Saturday, October 15, 2016

HUNT CUP: An annual tradition

Signs are already up for the 86th running of the Pennsylvania Hunt Cup races on Sunday, Nov. 6. (Imagine: A November event where the only mud being slung comes from the horses' hooves as they thunder by on the racecourse. What a novelty!)
I've already purchased my parking pass and lined up an excellent group of friends to eat, drink, socialize, identify dog breeds and (oh, yeah) watch the races.
The eternal question is "What will the weather be?" If it's windy and cold, you suddenly discover the urgent need to catch up with tailgating friends who have had the foresight to bring along portable heaters.
If it's sunny and warm, you can just stand there and feel like there's no better place in the entire world to be than on that beautiful West Marlborough hilltop. (The course is to the west of Newark Road, between Routes 926 and 842.)
Tickets are available online.

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