Saturday, October 1, 2016

LITTER: Buck & Doe Trust's cleanup

At lunchtime on Sept. 27 I joined the Buck & Doe Trust's trash cleanup along Route 82. The group of maybe eight of us met at the Brandywine Conservancy's office in Doe Run at noon. After eating a slice of pizza from the new place at Route 82 and Strasburg Road, we set off in pairs, walking along Route 82 armed with gloves and trash bags. I even got to try out a pincer-like trash-picking-up gadget, which I loved.
In 90 minutes, walking from Doe Run up to Dupont Road and back, my litter-mate Pam and I filled two-and-a-half garbage bags. Our finds included lots of water, beer and soda bottles and cans; a baby's pacifier; three hubcaps (near the singing bridge), all from different vehicles; and a mostly-full bottle of Clamato juice (near Blow Horn corner).
We also saw the driver of a huge horse van dealing with the major challenge of trying to make a right turn onto Route 82 from Dupont Road. He had to get out of the truck and check out the intersection to ensure he could make the turn safely. Traffic backed up nearly to Doe Run.
All in all, the group collected 17 garbage bags of litter. The Buck & Doe Trust has these cleanups several times a year, and not only are they fun (you never know what you'll find!), but they let us show our appreciation for our beautiful countryside.

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