Saturday, November 12, 2016

SURGERY: Where's Diana?

I'm guessing regular patrons of the Kennett Square post office have been wondering where their friendly postal worker Diana has been. Here's your answer: she had rotator cuff surgery three weeks ago and is taking time off to recover.
I was delighted to see her pedaling away on a recumbent bike at the Kennett Y on Nov. 11 and asked her how things were going.
Very well, she said, although her shoulder is still quite painful. She's been going faithfully to physical therapy sessions at the Premier facility on McFarlan Road, where they give her a rigorous workout. She still can't lift her arm above her shoulder, so she has to recruit her husband or her son to do her hair (her son does a better job, she says). She still has to wear a brace on her right arm, although she'd temporarily removed it while on the exercise bike.
She doesn't think she'll be returning to the post office until at least the end of the year, she said, because she needs to be able to lift 70 pounds. In the meantime, she's watching Hallmark TV and reading Nora Roberts books.

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