Saturday, December 3, 2016

CARLISLE: Another voice heard from

I still follow the news from Carlisle, the central Pennsylvania town where I went to college and walked my first newspaper beat. It seems a lone protestor named Ernest Perce showed up in the center of town the other day and attracted much attention for his anti-Israel sign (misspelled) and the fact that he was dragging an American flag on the pavement behind him. 
In a sentence every reporter would love to write, "Perce wound up on the hood of a vehicle and was carried down Hanover Street, police said."
The protestor said he was from the Flat Earth Ministries. Of course I had to check out their website, which contains all manner of way-out-there arguments, including the "Moon Landing Hoax." And who knew that Stanley Kubrick's movie "Eyes Wide Shut" is chock-full of coded evidence for Globe Earth propaganda? But I have to admit, they managed to get a pretty good pun in their slogan: "The Plane Truth About the Flat Earth."

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