Thursday, December 8, 2016

EAST MARLBOROUGH: Functional fitness

My pal Krysta, who organizes group exercise classes at the Kennett YMCA and teaches many of them herself, had the chance on Dec. 7 to put her impressive musculature to work outside of the gym. Here is her account:
"Heading into the [Longwood] Wawa I spot a young man (30s) and a medium young man (50s?) pushing a car up the hill to turn into the parking lot. As cars made their way around them and zipped by, I sat watching for a moment at the stop sign as they struggled to push and steer around the turn and up the hill. No one jumped out to help but kept passing them awkwardly.
"Suddenly I thought: Hey, I am as able-bodied and BodyPump strong as any dude that could help. So I zip into parking spot, run down the hill and begin to help.
"Their responses made me laugh as they originally questioned my strength but were quickly impressed. We pushed it right into place at the gas pump and I felt good about a good deed and a purpose for my muscles.
"Also secretly always wanted to try to push a car."
Strength, by the way, runs in her family: her brother Jon Zacharkiw still holds the UHS shot put record, which he set in 2003.

This plaque hangs in the UHS lobby. Recognize any names?

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