Thursday, December 29, 2016

INQUIRING MINDS: He's inspecting trees

Some might use the word "nosy"; I prefer "curious" or even "community-minded."
Twice in the past week or so I've noticed a man in a white "Davey Resource Group" vehicle parked along my quiet rural road. Given how unusual it is to see strangers in our neighborhood, it's something you remember.
Well, this morning I spotted him again and was just about to roll down the car window and ask him what he was doing when I noticed he was talking on his phone. So instead I took to social media and asked if anyone knew what was going on.
I quickly learned that others in the Unionville area have noticed him in recent days on Route 926, Route 842 and Lamborntown Road (we ARE an observant bunch!). One fellow saw him walking along Springdell Road writing down utility pole numbers.
And that appears to be the answer. According to Mike Wells, Asplundh has hired the Davey Group to make sure that they cut back the proper trees so falling branches won't take down wires.

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