Sunday, January 15, 2017

THE Y: BodyPump 100 debuts

The popular group-exercise program called BodyPump celebrated its 100th release on Jan. 14, and gyms around the world marked the date with special events. Our feverishly excited Kennett Y instructors have been counting down to the date for months.
The premiere of Release 100 was in New Zealand (the home of Les Mills, creator of the program) and featured traditional Maori clothing and ceremonies. Then videos from gyms in Asia, Africa and Europe starting showing up on social media as the class premiere worked its way around the globe.
At Kennett's launch, at 8 a.m. on Saturday, 100 athletes filled the main gymnasium to get a first crack at Release 100, with multiple instructors up front teaching. There were also refreshments, wristbands, raffles and even soft pretzels spelling out "BP 100."
An 8 a.m. gym class is a little early for me, so I showed up for the 11:30 a.m. launch of the new BodyAttack class (despite the name, it's not violent) and was amazed to find that some sturdy folks had been there all morning working out, doing the different new classes! By the end of Attack, even the toughest of them looked pretty beat up, although they were still smiling. One fellow checked his fitness gadget and realized he had taken 17,000 steps, some 11 miles.
Congratulations to the Y for putting on such a fun event! I can't imagine the hours of effort that went into organizing it.

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