Tuesday, February 28, 2017

THE Y: What a community asset

I often talk about the Kennett Y in terms of some funny incident I witnessed, or an amusing conversation I overheard, or a grueling workout I endured.
But it's way more than that: all corniness aside, it's a community meeting place that connects so many groups of people who wouldn't otherwise mingle. In these divided times, when people tend to live in their own siloes, it's great to have such a unifying presence. You see so many ages, races and nationalities there, playing basketball, lifting weights, doing yoga or working out next to each other. I've heard Chinese, German, Spanish, Greek and Russian spoken, and those were just the languages I recognized. As I heard someone say the other day: we all sweat the same color.
I just called to schedule my annual eye exam. Who answered the phone? A woman I know from the Y. A friend said good-bye to me the other day with the words, "See you at the Y!" I'm advising a retired executive who's writing a business book -- and where do I know him from? You guessed it. 
Plus it's the best bargain around.

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