Saturday, March 25, 2017

SEASONS: Welcome spring!

After the weird winter we've had, I was delighted to see the green skunk cabbage leaves poking their heads up in a swampy place I often walk past. Lured by the warmth, stinkbugs are emerging from wherever they secreted themselves in the house over the winter. And on Saturday, I heard peepers, those wonderful harbingers of spring, for the first time!
The early daffodils and crocus were "sapped" by the cold and snow, and the flowers on the magnolia tree at Kennett Friends Meeting got nipped by the cold, turning the edges brown. I'm hoping more daffodils will be coming into bloom soon.
Some years back I created a ritual of burning my Christmas wreath on the first day of spring outside on the back deck. This year was a little different: my back door was snowed shut. Not only did we have to clear the deck, we even had to dig the wreath out of the snow. A fair amount of newspaper was needed to get it burning.

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