Sunday, November 26, 2017

FEAST: An excellent Thanksgiving

Here's hoping you had a nice Thanksgiving. We made our usual trek up the Northeast Extension to Perkasie, where we caught up with infrequently seen family members, played with the two well-behaved dogs, teased the kids about the very green (but delicious) mint chocolate chip cookies they baked, and after a heartfelt prayer enjoyed a traditional turkey dinner. (We brought the mushroom casserole; thank you, Marlboro Mushrooms.)
A few funny things about the trip: At the Wawa near the Quakertown exit we spotted two young men sporting carefully arranged pompadours (I caught one checking his hairdo in the driver's side mirror); they looked like members of the rockabilly band The Stray Cats. On the way home through Harleysville we saw a sign for "Angst & Angst, Attorneys at Law," which cracked us up. (A witty friend later suggested their slogan should be, "We worry for you.")
And at the Wawa in Lionville (we like Wawas), we asked the clerk if he had had his Thanksgiving dinner yet.
"No," he replied, "but my girlfriend says she has a surprise for me when I get home."
He actually looked a little anxious. The guy behind us in line tried to conceal his laughter.
Having a holiday in the middle of the week throws everyone off. Even the radio shows seemed to be out of whack. On Friday afternoon, a friend who listens to a lot of WXPN reported with some surprise that DJ Ben Vaughn was playing Earth Wind & Fire.
"That's not Ben Vaughn," I corrected him. "Ben Vaughn is on Saturday. It's Funky Friday."

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