Saturday, November 18, 2017

NEWLIN: State funds to repair Laurel Road

On Nov. 17 State Rep. Eric Roe sent out an email announcing that Newlin Township will receive a $754,354 grant from the state to rebuild an 820-foot portion of Laurel Road that collapsed into the Brandywine Creek after heavy rain in the spring of 2014.
"This project will include rebuilding the compromised portion of Laurel Road, installation of a new guardrail, removal of debris, stabilization of the bank to halt ongoing deterioration and relocation of new utility poles," said Rep. Roe.

The collapsed section of Laurel Road in May 2014.
In other news out of Harrisburg, the Senate has voted to name the Eastern Hellbender our commonwealth's official amphibian. But apparently there's a move in the state House to nominate a much smaller creature, the Wehrle’s salamander. I'll keep you posted on this important decision by our legislators.
Reporting on this would have posed a problem at a newspaper where I used to work: the publisher had a debilitating fear of snakes and would not allow in the paper any story, photo or graphic of anything resembling a snake. I once had to eliminate a cobra headdress from some clip art of a pharaoh.

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