Thursday, November 9, 2017

PARKING: Driving skills

If you can't parallel park, heed my advice: head out to a parking lot on a Sunday afternoon and practice. But please: you will not endear yourself to anyone by tying up blocks of downtown State Street traffic on a rainy Tuesday night at rush hour while you inch backwards and forwards, not getting appreciably closer to the curb.
At one point it looked like the driver had (sensibly) given up. She pulled out into the lane of traffic, and the patient motorist in front of me started pulling into the spot. No! She actually started backing up again! A collision was barely avoided.
Finally, a passenger had to get out of the car and guide the driver into the spot.
The night before I'd witnessed another traffic mishap, this time in the parking lot of the Jennersville Y. While trying to park, a woman drove completely over a traffic sign in the median. When she backed up, the sign caught under the bumper, tearing off the entire front part of her car with a painful grinding noise. I didn't stick around to see what happened after that.

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