Sunday, March 18, 2018

UHS: East meets West

We go to each Unionville High School musical with great expectations and we're never disappointed. "The King and I" was a hugely entertaining evening. The King's dozens of children were played by district elementary and middle-school kids and they stole the show with their enthusiasm and just downright cuteness. The sets (especially the Buddha statue) were beautifully done, and the choreography, especially during the play-within-a-play, was stunning.
I have to confess that I got a little emotional when the curtain came down, realizing that some of the kids we'd watched over the years were graduating. The wonderfully talented Ethan Pan, whom we'll never forget as the Donkey in "Shrek," did a fabulous job portraying as the King, an intelligent but pompous man who is torn between tradition and modernity. 
And watch for the up-and-coming Tyge Thomas, a sixth-grader at Patton Middle School, who didn't miss a line or a cue in his first musical ever.
The lavish costumes for the 84 actors and actresses were designed and created by Mary Boeni and her team. After the curtain call the director, Scott Litzenberg, promised her he would never again have a cast that big; she rolled her eyes and mouthed "thank you."

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