Monday, May 30, 2016

MEMORIAL DAY: We miss a parade

What a shame that the Kennett Square Memorial Day parade had to be cancelled. I imagine the organizers who had to call it off based on the weather prediction will feel some kinship this winter with school superintendents facing the same decision.
The Memorial Day parade has become such a fixture in our community that it's assumed that not only will you attend, but you have a "spot" where you watch each year (the corner of  East Linden and North Union Streets for us).
We did make it to the Memorial Day ceremony following the West Grove parade on May 28. It was quite moving: Gold Star mother Jill Hardy spoke with pride, love and grief about her son, Marine Corporal Brandon Hardy, who was killed when his vehicle hit an IED in Al Anbar, Iraq, on April 28, 2006. She said that every day is Memorial Day for her and all the parents of solders killed in action.
During her speech, the little boy behind me started to fuss. To distract him, his mother gave him a little green plastic "Army man."

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