Thursday, June 2, 2016

OPTICAL: Patients and patience

As anyone who has ever dealt with the public knows, it is not always an easy job. So I was especially impressed by the unfailingly kind and cheerful service provided by the front-desk people at Miller Eye Care in the Jennersville shopping center. A pal was having his eyes dilated for an exam, and I was asked to provide transport home, so I sat in the waiting room for an hour one evening, knitting and observing.
The place was extremely busy, with the phone ringing and customers coming in to pick up eyeglasses or contacts, to get eye exams and to get their glasses tweaked. Everyone was greeted, many by name, as soon as they entered. Some patients spoke limited English, and the front-desk ladies were amazingly patient, helping them to fill out forms or apologizing for not being able to pronounce a foreign name. One little girl beamed when the ladies told her how stylish her new purple specs were.
As we were checking out, I complimented the ladies and they were quick to say that they loved their jobs, and it was a team effort.
One amusing side note: for perhaps the first time ever, I became a fashion consultant. A total stranger buying new glasses asked me for my opinion about three frames she was considering. I suppose I do have pretty cool glasses, but absolutely nothing else about me is the least bit fashionable -- trust me on this. One pair of glasses suited her perfectly, so I had no trouble giving her my confident advice. I probably should have asked about the relative costs first, but it wasn't my money, was it.

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