Tuesday, June 28, 2016

KENNETT: "Stop committing fraud!"

Someone is certainly ticked off.
This afternoon I spotted a yellow sign posted where Chandler Mill Road meets Kaolin Road. It read (in all caps): "This is not Delaware. If you reside here, tag your vehicle in PA. Stop committing fraud!"
There was no indication of who posted it -- no website, no email address. I took a photograph and shared it on social media, and readers informed me that an identical one has appeared at Route 41 and Sunny Dell Road.
I asked Kennett Township manager Lisa Moore if the signs had been posted by the township, and she said they had not.
Apparently the sign-poster takes exception to the fact that some people who live close to the PA/Delaware border rent post office boxes in Delaware and register their cars in the First State to save on sales tax and inspection costs.
But there's also a fully above-board explanation: Many Pennsylvania residents work for Delaware businesses and drive company cars that, of course, display Delaware tags.
Commented one wag, "I wonder if the sign-posters buy their alcohol in PA state stores or slip across to DE to buy it..."
This sign has appeared at the intersection of Chandler Mill and Kaolin Roads in Kennett Township.

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