Saturday, July 2, 2016

MUSIC: Three outdoor concerts in one week

Earlier this week I found myself enthusiastically singing Mumford & Sons' big hit "I Will Wait for You" and was baffled as to how that song had gotten stuck in my brain. Then I remembered: on June 25 we saw a band, the Vulcans, whose harmonies sounded a lot like the Mumfords.
The Vulcans, who are three young men from Mechanicsburg, played as part of the series of Saturday-night summer concerts in the apple orchard at the 1719 Hans Herr House in Willow Street, Lancaster County. We have gotten accustomed to the macabre situations that represent a time-honored staple of folk music lyrics, but even we were a little taken aback when the band announced their next song by saying, "Does everybody know what patricide means?"
I feel confident in declaring that this past week's concert at Anson B. Nixon Park by Kid Davis and the Bullets will be one of the summer's highlights. We went to the show with two great friends, and if you grew up in the 1970s like all of us did, Pink Floyd's classic album "Dark Side of the Moon" was a significant part of your adolescent soundtrack (I have owned the album in eight-track, vinyl, cassette, and CD format). So when the Bullets broke into an out-of-left-field rockabilly version of "Brain Damage," our jaws dropped in amazement and we were helpless with laughter. Absolutely loved it!
Our third outdoor concert of the week was by a bluegrass/gospel group named Cousin Jake at the Myrick Center on Unionville Wawaset Road (at the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance, the former BVA) on June 30. The Lancaster County band just couldn't catch a break. The mandolin player was seriously delayed and didn't show up until after intermission. The electricity went off about 45 minutes into the show, so we all moved our chairs close to the stage and the band played an acoustic set without microphones or speakers. The power came back about 10 seconds before the end of the show.

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