Sunday, July 10, 2016

BRANDYWINE: A day on the river

There were some "city folk" ahead of us as we tubed down the Brandywine this weekend, and there was definitely some culture shock going on.
I don't think they'd ever been in a body of water that wasn't chlorinated and surrounded by concrete. As soon as she stepped into the water one woman shrieked: "Oh my God! This is disgusting! It's all muddy!"
I suggested that she might not want to take her phone with her on the river -- she had it tucked in her bikini top, along with her cigarettes -- and she gave me a blank stare and said, "Why not? I want to take pictures!"
All righty...
She and her friends had trouble figuring out how to get onto their rafts and tubes -- much swearing ensued -- and they didn't seem to much care for the plants and fish they encountered in the creek.
At the end of the day, back on dry land, I happened to see them again, and asked how they'd enjoyed tubing.
"Loved it," said one of them with enthusiasm.

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