Sunday, July 10, 2016

STARGAZER ROAD: Another housing development

A faithful Tilda reader from Newlin Township wrote to me in dismay, asking what is going on along Strasburg Road at Stargazer Road. He writes, "There is a huge construction project at the top of Stargazer Road. It looks like a square mile of countryside has been laid waste!"
Sixty-three acres, to be exact. A housing development called "Stargazer Village" is being built on West Bradford Township site. It will include 95 single-family houses and 39 townhouses. A traffic circle will be built at the main entrance off Strasburg Road.
In the words of the development's land planner, Thomas Comitta Associates of West Chester:
"Stargazers is an extension of the Village of Romansville complete with a diversity of dwelling types, an integrated street and alley network, a neighborhood commercial hub, and open space in the form of greens and natural areas."
By the way, although it's just down the road, this is NOT part of the controversial development proposed for the former Embreeville State Hospital property.

The plan for Stargazers Village.

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