Sunday, September 18, 2016

ADVENTURE: Susquehannock State Park

We took a little road trip this past weekend into non-Wawa territory, heading west to Susquehannock State Park on Lancaster County's western border. There are some awe-inspiring views across the Susquehanna River, and thanks to the sheer cliffs you're at eye level with the circling vultures and bald eagles. We hiked along some challenging and fun trails and (eventually) found what, according to the park map, is the largest American Beech in the state. One branch that had come down recently could have been a substantial tree all by itself.
The park seemed to be well used. A Boy Scout troop was camping there for the weekend, and they were setting up a volleyball net as we passed by. A couple of the pavilions were being used for picnics.
We then drove about 20 minutes north to the Pinnacle Overlook part of the park, which again offered spectacular river views. An affable park employee was painting a post-and-rail fence there and told us how much he loves his job because he gets to work outside in such a beautiful spot: "I get paid for this!" he exclaimed.
Susquehannock is a pleasant drive past a lot of beautiful Amish farms. The trip takes about an hour from Unionville, especially if your driver isn't prone to say things like, "I wonder where that road goes?" We stopped for a mid-afternoon lunch at the Quarryville Family Restaurant, where the waitress called us "kids" and other customers were eager to tell us about their town.

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