Saturday, September 24, 2016

CLEANING: A wonderful new vacuum

At Lowe's in Avondale the other day I saw a display for a cordless vacuum cleaner (the Bissell Bolt Pet 2-in-1 Lightweight Cordless Vacuum) and I simply had to have it. (My Lowe's shopping buddy was all the way to the plumbing department before he noticed that I was standing there staring.) 
For under $100, it's a wonderful product that has improved my life. I've always disliked vacuuming, but this gadget almost makes it fun. It's so light that you can just pick it up and take it to wherever you need it without worrying about unwinding the cord, plugging it into an outlet awkwardly located behind some furniture, and then worrying that the cord will knock something over.
It's small and maneuverable enough that it fits into corners and under furniture. You don't have to buy replacement bags because it has a clear cup that you empty and a filter you can wash. There's a built-in mini-vac you can detach for doing steps and windowsills (I just used it to clean crumbs off my desk).
Best of all, it's marvelously efficient: it picks up your detritus with only one pass rather than going back and forth repeatedly.
The only possible downside is that the charge is good for maybe 20 minutes of vacuuming, but frankly that's about my limit when it comes to housecleaning, anyway.
I was happy to clear out my utility closet and give away to charity my two old, noisy, cumbersome vacuums and all their accompanying bags and attachments.

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