Saturday, September 3, 2016

IN PERSON: The woman behind the name

Local balladeer Charlie Zahm and fiddler Tad Marks played a lovely outdoor concert in the walnut grove at Primitive Hall in West Marlborough on Aug. 28, and I was there as a board member and tour guide.
During intermission I was walking over to talk to friends and eat their food when I overheard some people wondering if Tilda was there (I had given the concert a blurb in my column).
"I wonder who she is?" one woman said.
I stopped and said, "Umm . . . that would be me."
The three of them, two ladies and a gentleman, were so kind and said the nicest things about my column. Apparently it is the first thing they read in the paper, and they even discuss it afterwards!
They asked me how I manage to fit so much into my schedule (a question I'm asking myself after my four-state extravaganza of the past few days). One woman even said she hopes the Young Relative has a successful cross-country season: "He is doing so well," she commented.

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