Saturday, September 3, 2016

SUNFLOWERS: Yellow journalism in Maryland

The mother of all sunflower fields is at the intersection of Hess Road and Jarrettsville Pike in Monkton, Maryland. A photographer friend told me about it, and even though I was expecting something special, I gasped when I first saw it: it's an ocean of yellow stretching out to the horizon.
The field is about 55 miles southwest of Unionville, and you're on Route 1 for most of the trip (it's about a half-hour beyond the Conowingo Dam).
On the Friday afternoon when I drove down, a lot of people had pulled off on the side of the road to marvel at the sight and take photographs. The Royal Farms convenience store just across the street seemed to be doing a land-office business.
This stunning sunflower field is in Monkton, Maryland.

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