Saturday, November 26, 2016

ELECTION: The local statistics

I finally got a chance to check the local statistics from the Nov. 8 general election and it was no surprise that the turnout numbers were much higher than usual, in the high seventies and low eighties. My own township had 75 percent turnout, and the highest turnout in our area was 85 percent in Kennett Township's Third Precinct, home of the Kendal at Longwood retirement community.
Hillary Clinton outpolled President-elect Donald Trump almost everywhere. The largest margin was 66 to 29 percent at the Kendal polling place. Mrs. Clinton beat Mr. Trump by only one vote in Newlin Township (396 to 395 votes). In Londonderry and Highland Townships, Mr. Trump won handily.
County-wide, turnout was 80%, and Mrs. Clinton received 52 percent of the vote vs. Mr. Trump's 43 percent. But Mr. Trump took the state of Pennsylvania by some 130,000 votes, 48.8 percent versus 47.63 percent.
Newlin Township's open space referendum passed by a vote of 492 to 332 (60 percent to 40 percent).
And by the way, as of Nov. 24 there were still several Susan Rzucidlo campaign signs on Route 162 near Harveys Bridge Road in Embreeville, and some Andy Dinniman signs at Newark Road and Route 41.

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