Saturday, November 26, 2016

FOXHUNTERS: The annual Thanksgiving meet

A traditional part of the holiday for many people in Unionville is going to watch Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds meet at the Kennels on Thanksgiving morning. There was a big and sociable crowd this year, many carrying cups of coffee, bottles of beer, or Bloody Marys. Kids were tossing around footballs, and I saw several college kids home on break catching up.
I was offered food and drink but had to turn it down, as I was saving room for our early Thanksgiving dinner. Saying "no" to a cinnamon-scented apple strudel was especially tough.
As usual, the volunteers from the Po-Mar-Lin fire company were directing traffic, and I was careful this year to avoid getting my vehicle stuck while taking a shortcut (try living that one down when photos appeared on social media within minutes).
It was great to see everyone out enjoying the countryside. It was pretty easy to tell the "city folks," though. "Dad! I petted the horse!" said one thrilled kid (the rider advised him to keep his bagel well away from the horse's mouth). And  I heard two boys expressing shock as they watched a horse answering a call of nature.

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