Thursday, January 5, 2017

CRASH: Horse people are tough!

I heard that a neighbor had been involved in a bad accident recently, so when I saw her on our road yesterday I flagged her down and asked how she was and what had happened.
She explained that she and a friend were on Route 896 near Kemblesville, on her way to go fox-hunting, when another motorist, a college student, fell asleep and forced her truck and horse trailer off the road and into a utility pole. When his car hit her truck, it took off the truck's entire front wheel.
My neighbor and her companion were bruised but not badly hurt. One of the horses in the trailer was okay, but the other is at New Bolton Center for treatment. The youth walked away from the crash with only a bloody nose.
My friend said she feels very sore, but -- being a typical equestrian -- was determined not to give in. The day after the crash, she told me with a proud grin, she borrowed a friend's truck and trailer and has not missed a day's fox hunting.

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