Wednesday, January 4, 2017

OYSTERS: Stephanie does research

On Monday morning, I met up with an old (meaning "longtime," of course!) Unionville friend for a New Year's breakfast and I was delighted that she brought along her younger daughter Stephanie, who is on break from her graduate studies in biology at Louisiana State University.
Stephanie, a graduate of Tower Hill and Dickinson, just finished successfully defending her master's project, in which she investigated whether increased sediment levels would have any immediate or chronic impact on oysters (the answer was no, although her experimental set-up didn't allow her to sustain the high sediment levels she wanted, so more research is needed). After shucking and analyzing all the oysters, she was left with a pile of shells. A creative young woman, she covered them with glitter and tied on little ribbons to make Christmas ornaments. Her gift will grace my 2017 Christmas tree for sure!

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