Sunday, January 22, 2017

GYM: And eyes in the back of her head

I mentioned in last week's column that fresh music and exercises were just released for several of my favorite gym classes. The class I took on Jan. 17 was challenging to say the least, with a positively indecent number of lunges, pushups and jumping jacks.
All of us returned to the class on Jan. 19 with some trepidation, but at least we knew what to expect, and it seemed comparatively easier.
"That wasn't so bad," a red-faced friend said to me at the end of the hour, as we were gulping water and catching our breath at the side of the room.
"THAT WASN'T SO BAD?!" repeated our instructor in mock-drill-sergeant fashion (she is all about giving us a tough workout).
"Oh, Lord," I said to my friend. "She heard you!"
"Are you kidding?" our instructor said. "I hear everything. I'm a Mom."

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