Sunday, January 29, 2017

SNAFU: Miles to go ...

There was only one word for the past few days: dysfunctional.
The weekend began with a smooth handoff of Girl Scout cookies in the Y lobby on Friday evening.
On Saturday, things went well as we rushed through dinner to get to the cinema only to discover that the movie we wanted to see, "Manchester by the Sea," was sold out. Could have something to do with the fact that it was nominated for Best Picture this past week.
However, "Rogue One" was scheduled to start in a few minutes.
"How about this one?" I suggested to the companion.
"Really?" he said with surprise. "You'd see that with me?"
"Filling up quickly," the screen at the kiosk told us. By trying to select our seats on the screen, we learned that what this actually meant was "Sold Out."
We checked another nearby cinema on the phone and found there were three, count 'em, three seats left for a showing of the same film, and two were in the front row. We wound up walking around a depressing mall and ended our evening in a cigar store (we don't smoke).
Sunday found the two of us driving to Wayne to pick up two Labrador Retrievers whose owner can't keep them anymore. We were there at the appointed time; the owner's representatives were not. We got word that the dogs were either in Rehoboth Beach or in Wilmington; it wasn't clear.
While waiting, we hung out at Wawa (the food tasted much the same as at the Avondale Wawa), visited the painstakingly detailed 9/11 Memorial constructed by the King of Prussia Volunteer Fire Company, and drove through Valley Forge National Historic Park.
Alas, the dog people still didn't show up. We'll try another day.
No dogs. No movies. Crazy drivers. Many miles. But Girl Scout Shortbread Cookies, a great companion and we're glad to be back home safe and warm.

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