Sunday, January 8, 2017

TEMPS: Going metric

I know that many of my readers are fairly sophisticated folks, so I'm hoping you'll be able to help me. I've been struck by a desire to become conversant in the Celsius temperature system. For instance, on Sunday I wanted to tell a British friend how cold it was here, but saying "17 degrees" would signify nothing to him. What I want is to become familiar enough with the other system that I can translate easily, without doing a tiresome calculation. 
Unfortunately, all the weather apps I've found give the user a choice between C and F, but they don't display both, which is what I want so that I can start associating them. And toggling back and forth is cumbersome. I think I may have to prepare an old-fashioned chart and post it around the house.
Does anyone have a better idea?


  1. Go to Yahoo weather forecasts Kennett Square the temp display has a C and F next to it, click the one you need.

  2. But does it offer both simultaneously? That is what I need.