Saturday, January 14, 2017

TEMPS: A low-tech answer

In last week's column I asked for suggestions about how I could see at a glance the temperature expressed in both Celsius and Fahrenheit units so that I could learn to associate the two.
My readers came through.
Several suggested that I buy a good old C/F window thermometer (a few of you even sent photographs of yours in operation). I was so busy looking for a hi-tech solution, that hadn't even occurred to me!
One reader sent me a conversion chart from a reference manual. Another said a simple way to obtain a ballpark C from F is "take away 30 and divide by 2." And another reader suggested using the Google search bar to translate the number. 

Thank you, readers!
After spending way too much time on this, I actually did figure out how to install two weather widgets next to each other on my phone, one expressed in C and one in F. And the weather has certainly been cooperative this past week, going from 14 to 63 F (-10 to 17 C)!

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