Monday, April 24, 2017

SALES: An amusing salesman

If we must have telemarketers, let them all be like Kevin.
He phoned me the other evening and tried to sell me a subscription to a series of plays in Philadelphia. He described the theater's upcoming shows with great and seemingly unfeigned enthusiasm, especially the musical "Mamma Mia!"
"Don't you just LOVE Abba?!" he exclaimed, almost squealing with delight. How he maintained this level of energy over his entire work shift, I don't know.
I explained that we live some distance from Center City and like going to matinees, and he smoothly segued into the associated discounts on parking lots and restaurants that we'd receive by buying a subscription.
"Would you let me send you an email about all this?" he asked, hesitantly, as if I'd be doing him a personal favor.
I hope they pay him well.

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