Sunday, April 30, 2017

NEW GARDEN: Mexican buffet

On Saturday we visited Los 5 Arcos, a Mexican buffet restaurant in the Big Lots shopping center on Scarlett Road, on the west side of Kennett Square.
The d├ęcor is basic but the food is top-notch, and how great is the idea of a Mexican buffet: you can sample as many types of food as you want and then go back for more. The names of the dishes were written in Spanish and English.
I started with a big bowl of the amazing seafood soup, which was full of mussels and big chunks of carrots and celery. Then we both tried a variety of delicious chicken and pork dishes, cactus, rice, and salsa. The waitress brought a basket of tortillas so we could "roll our own."
There were also tamales, flan, and a variety of fruit set out on the buffet, but I was too full to try them. 
The only dish that was even slightly spicy was the meatballs with chipotle, and even that wasn't too hot for our wimpy gringo palates.
For the two of us the bill was $25.
We were at the restaurant at about 6 p.m., and only two tables were occupied. Los 5 Arcos is in the space where Taqueria Moroleon was located before it moved to Route 41 near Hockessin.

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