Saturday, June 17, 2017

AVONDALE: Route 41 in the summer

The craziness that is Route 41 on summer weekends is in full swing, with southbound vacationers heading to the shore, bikes and beach chairs strapped precariously to their vehicles, just as others are returning home from their week's rental or heading north to visit Amish country.
The additional traffic is not news to anyone trying to negotiate the already challenging Chatham intersection.
At mid-day Saturday, coincidentally, we were at a key hub on this heavily traveled migration route: the Avondale Wawa. It was jammed.
One man, who was apparently taking his family on a road trip, eyed the long line at the deli counter and suggested, "Why don't we just grab a box of donuts and keep going?"
His wife vetoed the idea and they waited in line for presumably healthier fare.

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