Sunday, June 25, 2017

KENNETT: Before the battle

On Thursday evening we had a fun time serving as guides for the history tour through Kennett Square. This tour was based on Kevin Sheridan's book "The Timepiece Chronicles: The Battle of Brandywine Creek," and as visitors walked around the block they met costumed actors portraying characters from the American Revolution. Some of them were General Cornwallis; a bar manager furious that the British soldiers were vandalizing his establishment; the Hessian General Knyphausen; a Loyalist;  a Quaker woman worried about the coming violence; an entrepreneurial "camp follower"; and sentry Captain Patrick Ferguson. 
The tours officially started at 5:30 p.m., but by shortly after 5 p.m. visitors were already lining up in the Genesis walkway. I think the tour attracted upwards of 150 people.
We guides got to read from our script, but the actors had to memorize their lines -- and the youthful actors did a particularly great job. Lynn Sinclair, owner of the Sunrise CafĂ© on State Street, not only organized the tour but also made all the wonderful costumes.

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