Saturday, December 30, 2017

CHRISTMAS: The power of lights

People's Christmas lights were pretty remarkable this year. A lot of folks have bought those projectors that shine images all over the side of your house, either stationary dots of color or rotating snowflakes, snowmen or Santa Claus heads (which makes me a little dizzy). The ever-inventive manufacturers have even equipped these projectors with discs for multiple holidays: circling pumpkins for Halloween, or the Eagles logo for football season.
The workers at the SECCRA landfill always put up decorations on the chain-link fence along Route 41, and this year I noticed that they had installed a single lighted tree, like a beacon, on the very top what we call "Mount Trash."
Some bicyclists I saw a few nights before Christmas were getting into the holiday spirit (along with increasing their visibility). A group of six or eight were riding single-file westbound along Route 82 through "downtown" Unionville, with multicolored flashing lights on the spokes of their wheels. The effect was almost psychedelic. 
But once again, some residents of Church Hill Road, south of Avondale, take top honors for their incredible Christmas lights display, which they put up in memory of their son. Each year they use a crane to hang large white lighted stars high up in the trees along the road, and the light is reflected in the water of the White Clay Creek below. It's a stunning and moving sight.

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