Thursday, December 7, 2017

WEST MARLBOROUGH: An explosive topic

Just what are those loud "booms" that many local residents have been hearing at all hours during the past few months?
The mystery prompted a lively discussion at the monthly West Marlborough Township meeting on Dec. 5.
Bill Shaw, who lives on Newark Road south of London Grove village, came to the meeting to express his concerns to the supervisors. He said the noises sounded like explosions going off north of him (he said he was familiar with how explosives sound, having worked in demolitions in the military). He said he knew they were much too loud to be coming from the nearby gun club (the Southern Chester County Sportsmen's and Farmer's Association).
Mark and Anna Myers said they too have heard the noises, sometimes as late as 1:30 a.m., and thought they sounded like a cannon being fired. Anna Myers said it was difficult to tell which direction the noises were coming from because they echoed.
Supervisor Jake Chalfin said that after hearing about the noise from several residents he contacted the Pennsylvania State Police, but they had no leads or theories to offer.
The supervisors suggested that residents keep track of the times they hear the noises.
Theories put forth so far include the following: (1) there's blasting going on at a quarry somewhere; (2) someone has a cannon on his property and likes setting it off for fun; and (3) the noises are sonic booms from aircraft breaking the sound barrier.

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