Sunday, February 11, 2018

ANDRE HARVEY: An American realist sculptor

Local bronze sculptor Andre Harvey, a marvelous artist, passed away on Tuesday, Feb. 6. A few years ago I had the pleasure of touring his gallery, housed in the top floor of Breck's Mill in Hockessin on the banks of the Brandywine. I loved his lifelike, beautifully detailed sculptures of turtles, penguins, birds, frogs, goats and leaves.
Probably his most famous sculpture is the life-sized bronze pig, Helen, who sits outside the Brandywine River Museum. According to his obituary, he said that when he was creating the original clay sculpture, "this sow became the friendliest of the six pigs in the pen. I would jump the fence, set up my portable sculpting table, and give her a call. Of all the pigs, she was the only one that would come to me without being bribed by a fistful of corn. She would amble up to within a few feet of me, and then assume a sitting position—almost as if she had planned to sit for a portrait.” 

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