Saturday, March 10, 2018

WEST MARLBOROUGH: Route 82 for a day

On the morning of March 9, a Lexus with Delaware tags took on a utility pole in Doe Run, and neither one came out a winner. So that crews could replace the splintered pole, traffic was detoured off Route 82 and onto our little back road most of the day.
The only time my road ever sees more than two cars at a time is either during a fox hunt or at afternoon quitting time at the cattle farm down the road. So when I looked out the window and saw a steady procession of cars in both directions, I knew something was up.
Our road is one-and-a-half lanes wide at best. We like it that way, and we know where to pull over to let oncoming car go by. But naturally the Route 82 detourees didn't know that, and there were too many cars for that strategy to work anyway. The result is that there are muddy tire ruts on both sides of the road. I doubt the drivers (who I imagine were both bewildered and annoyed) took time to appreciate the beauty of our countryside.

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