Tuesday, May 22, 2018

UHS: The After-Prom

After-proms were not "a thing" back in my day; after my senior prom, as I recall, four of us left the Westover Country Club and drove around West Conshohocken searching for one friend's ancestral homestead. It would have helped had we known the address or had a map rather than just chanting, "West Conshohocken shall rise again!"
But nowadays parents pull out all the stops to provide a safe environment where their kids can hang out into the wee hours after the official party winds down. 
The UHS PTO's After-Prom on Saturday was nothing short of astonishing. The theme was "The Amazing Race," and each "room" was set up as a separate geographical area, complete with wildly creative décor, food and entertainment. 
The school was utterly unrecognizable.
In the UK, Union Jacks and pictures of the newlyweds Harry and Meghan hung on the walls. A Wimbledon table tennis tournament was set up, complete with an elaborate championship bracket (the finals were scheduled for 3:20 a.m.)
In Paris, in addition to a palm reader, a Tarot card reader, and a café (but of course!), there was a guessing game where you had to match photos of UHS employees to famous works of art (we were not very good at it).
Down a dark corridor lined with Egyptian pictographs was the dimly lit movie room (aka the crash room), with lots of comfortable-looking cushions spread out on the floor.
In Tahiti (on regular days known as the Auxiliary Gym), there was tropical foliage, a volleyball net, and a performance stage.
A full casino was set up in the Monte Carlo room, with roulette, poker, and craps tables.
There were plenty of full-sized arcade games, and we heard the unmistakeable fast-paced "click-click" of an air hockey game in vigorous use.
The main gym was full of gigantic inflatables to play on and in. For one you donned a Velcro coat and could hurl yourself at a "sticky" wall.
And the large golden Buddha in "India" -- didn't we recognize that from the set of the spring musical, "The King and I"?

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