Saturday, May 19, 2018

UNIONVILLE: Tough Mudder

Why were there so many school buses on Route 82 this past weekend? They were ferrying athletes from the staging area in Willowdale out to the two-day Tough Mudder obstacle course/endurance event at Cuyler Walker's Plantation Field.
I drove by the sodden course on Saturday morning, when it was raining and in the mid-50s, and the participants were soaking wet and covered with mud -- yet inexplicably smiling and full of energy as they jogged along or crawled through a mud pit.
During one part of the course you were instructed to carry your team-mates. I saw one man hefting his team-mate overhead, like he was pressing a barbell, and two others were carrying a colleague between them, chair-style.
Friends who have done Tough Mudder swear it's actually immense fun and a great team-building experience. I will take their word for it.

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